Sultry Goddesses Be Damned!

One of my friends recently told me a story….he had met up with his sister, who is one of the nation’s leading rocket ship scientists (or something that made it clear she is super smart and successful; details may have been changed to protect the innocent) and a bunch of her just as successful, powerful, and beautiful friends.  They all went to dinner one night after their conference in town and were enjoying catching up…talking fancy schmancy rocket ship science and smart shit, but as they arrived at the restaurant and were waited on by this drop dead gorgeous “can’t-look-away” type sultry goddess.  So the conversation among the women quickly turned into degrading and judgmental things about said goddess.  Comments such as “omg, isn’t that a bit over the top?”, “I wonder how much all THAT work cost her? (insert evil giggle here),” and on and on and on (insert numerous eye rolls).  My friend was stunned.  He asked “is that just something you women do?!?!”  He was floored that a group of these highly intelligent, successful, beautiful women would be that quickly devoured by jealousy and would succumb to its temptation to be petty, cruel, and well, kinda pathetic.  As he told the story, none of us women hearing it were surprised.  We, not batting an eye and being the very wise and self aware women that we were, told him that women default to jealousy and insecurity and then to petty cruelty.  We laughed about it being “our way.”  But, of course, we  all (ok, I did anyway, I’m just gonna assume they did too) internally judged those petty women (while also secretly hating that gorgeous goddess) and hoped that if it would have been us being seated by that sultry goddess, we would have been less petty and more secure.  Heh.  I wonder.


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