Thank you beautiful random stranger for smiling. I noticed.


Thank you beautiful random stranger for smiling.  I noticed.

I was recently waiting in my car to cross an intersection and there was another woman in a car waiting to go.  As I passed, the passenger in her car must have said something funny, and she burst out into laughter that turned into this huge delighted grin.  My heart stopped for a minute.  It was the most devastatingly gorgeous smile ever.  And, somehow, I got to see it.  I felt more beautiful myself all day for sharing in it.  Frankly, I probably noticed it because I had been working so hard to see beauty around me (yeah me!).  That moment of pure joy, that smile, still just pops into my head sometimes and I can’t help but grin myself.  And I’ll tell ya what, that stranger has no idea how she completely brightened my day, and many other days since….so maybe, just maybe, I sometimes do that for other people when I burst out into my rather obnoxious laughter or flash someone a smile.  And I bet you do that sometimes too…..brighten others day with a smile, a laugh, and kind word.  Ya never know.  But I’m fairly certain of it.

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