Lina Sees Fat Aunt Sassy


Ya know, when my sister first posted this pic, I immediately thought “Oh God, someone posted a full body pic of me on facebook” and then “oh, wow, I look so fat…no one should take pics of me sitting down like that!” and “why in the world am I scrunching my face up like that…it’s giving me ever MORE chins!??!!” And then I saw my beautiful niece’s face, laughing, lit up with delight and I quickly saw what she was seeing. She saw her hilarious “Aunt Sassy” getting hit in the face with bubbles and making one of those silly faces that Aunt Sassy always make, whether it gives her triple chins or not. She saw her Aunt Sassy sitting on the ground, getting down to her level, playing with her the way she wanted to play, not knowing that Aunt Sassy has been busting her butt the last few years to be more healthy and more fit so she not only get down on the ground and play, but maybe even get back up! She saw fun loving and beautiful Aunt Sassy not giving a hell about grass stains or achy muscles or messed up hair and she was filled with delight. She saw the real me.

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