40 Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years


1. Crying will get you anything you want.

2.  Never make fun of others.  Never ever.  It makes you a shitty pathetic shell of a person.  Plus it’s not nice.

3. Laughter really is the best medicine.

4. Sisters are your best friends for life.  Value them even when they annoy you.

5. Reading teaches you how to think.

6. Don’t grow out of having a vivid imagination.  Never stop wondering.

7. Food is important. Try as many new foods as possible.

8. It’s okay not to like things.

9. Tell someone about your nightmares out loud.  They lose their power when they aren’t left in the dark.

10. Don’t slouch.  Just because you are taller than everyone, stop trying to blend in.  Stand tall.

11.  Don’t spend so much time learning who to trust.  Instead, learn how to trust yourself.

12. You will always wonder what would have happened if you actually followed your childhood dream.

13.  Opinions, beliefs, and taste buds will change over time in your life.  Don’t hold so rigidly to the old ones, the new ones will open up new parts of your soul.

14. Learn how to really enjoy your own company.  YOU are the only sure thing that will always be with you.

15. Learn how to love your body.  It will accompany you to the grave and give you one hell of a ride on the way there.

16. Don’t ever be afraid to get your feet wet.

17.  Invest in good wool socks and waterproof shoes.

18.  Always keep your passport up to date.

19.  Always have a camera handy.

20.  Set goals for your life, your year, your day.

21.  Don’t be afraid to toss those goals out the window if you find better ones.

22.  Listen to music.  Every day.  As much as possible.

23.  Soup really is a meal.  If you don’t think this, you haven’t met the right soup.

24. Find one absolutely favorite dessert in the whole entire world and daydream about it whenever you want.

25.  Listen to and honor your parents.  But make your own choices.

26. Every woman should own a sexy black bra, one dress that makes her feel like Marilyn Monroe, and a power screwdriver.

27.  Walk as fast as you want to.  Walk as slow as you want to.

28.  Stop worrying so much about sentences that end in prepositions.

29.  Learn how to say “Thank You” in as many languages as possible.

30.  Eye contact and smiling is almost always the safest and most effective way of ruling your world.

31.  Always be aware of your surroundings.

32. Don’t worry so much about “finding your style.”  Create you own style and rock the shit out of it.

33. Coffee really is the elixir of life.

34.  Sex is insanely important.  Indulge as often as possible.

35. Buy red shoes if you want to.

36. There is magic wherever water and land meet.   Try to be there.

37.  Don’t spend so much time looking at the menu.  Just order the special.

38. Don’t ever regret anything.  It’s a useless emotion.

39.  Invest in a really good hammock.

40.  Birthdays should be celebrated.  Always.

41.  Always go an extra step from what is expected.


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